[The Look of Feeling], is a piece rich in truth and authenticity.
— Broadwayworld.com
It takes more than talent to tell the life story of a well-known person with passion, humor, and originality..., but that’s just what FrancescaHarper accomplished performing her one woman show The Look of Feeling.
— Broadwayworld.com
Harper has staged her own dream life as a multimedia spectacle and in doing so is not so different from a conceptual pop artist by someone like Madonna-except of course Harper is a much better dancer and singer, she is a lot more beautiful and intelligent, and what she has to say is a lot more profound.
— WAMC Radio
Harper is the statuesque cleared eyed dancer sings the body electric... moves from innocence to experience with such grace.
— The New Yorker
You want passion? It’s here... Compelling and slashing moves? You got ‘em.
— Village Voice
Harper, who has the physique of a modern goddess had the audience on the edge of its seats. One would like to see more of a performer with such phenomenal presence.
— The Oakland Tribune
Harper is a charismatic singer and performer.
— The New York Times
...an impulse-driven action zone where loss of control and engulfing violence seemed imminent.
— Los Angeles Times